If you drove past our building site recently, you noticed that it looks nearly finished on the outside. There is still much work to be done inside, but it’s moving ahead. In the past few weeks the drywall was installed. The drywall covered messages and encouragement left by supporters and community members of B5. Here are a few of them.

An Arabic blessing from Omkalthom Abaker, a student in our English classes, and a mother of three.

A blessing in Thai from HsaWah Shee, a former B5 employee, now Immigrant and Refugee Coordinator for the Kennewick School District.

Encouraging words from Hser Mu Thaw, a Heritage University student doing an internship at B5.

Umos Salema’s signature. She recently arrived, a Rohingya refugee from Burma, and a mother of 2.

Martha Mather, a B5 supporter, adds her blessing.

Marv Anderson has prayed regularly for B5 for years.

B5 reminds Naw SuSu Moses of a Burmese poem about a hen sitting on her chicks. The chicks need the hen’s protection and help until they are ready to be on their own. SuSu came to the US as a refugee and now is an ECEAP teacher.

These messages and more are now locked inside the walls of B5, a building we hope will be a blessing to our community.