When our staff or volunteers visit the home of a family we serve, the observation they most often share afterward is about the hospitality they were offered. Sometimes it is as simple as a bottle of water. Sometimes it’s special coffee or tea, served in just the right cup, with something sweet beside it. Other times there’s an invitation to join a celebration or meal in progress or just about to start. The thing is, this happens practically EVERY time. It’s a little humbling to be offered this kind of welcome, so generous, often delicious, and always graciously given, especially on days when we’re in a hurry, or focused what WE came there to do. We come away realizing that those of us coming to “help” have something to learn.

B5 exists to offer welcome. We offer practical help, usually involving education or language, to folks who’ve recently come to the Tri-Cities as refugees or immigrants. But to teach and help, we have to learn. And one thing we’re learning is that we would like to be able to be more hospitable with food and drink. That’s one of the reasons we are so excited that our new building will have a kitchen.

Right now, the new kitchen looks like this:

There are funds for the big things, like cabinets and counters, refrigerator and sink. But we also will need dishes and utensils to serve food. To prepare food, we’ll need measuring cups and spoons, and decent knives. We probably ought to have a rice cooker. And it sure would be nice to have a way to serve coffee and tea. That’s where you come in — 3 Rivers Community Foundation has included B5 in their Holiday Giving Catalog. If you click on the link you can contribute to our fund for kitchen items. The catalog is open until January 31. There’s only a few days left to give. And honestly, we’re not close to our goal. Please help us equip our kitchen. Click here to give.  Thanks! 

women from several cultures behind a table full of food. The women are laughing. Photo credit Kim Fetrow Photography