Bridges to New Beginnings

Since our founding in 2009, B5 volunteers, staff and educational partners have helped more than 2,000 refugees from all over the world learn English, earn citizenship, and become contributing members of our community.

Our Mission

Support refugees and immigrants through education, relationships, and community so they can thrive in their new home.

The Need Is Great

Each year, approximately 225 refugees arrive in the Tri-Cities. In 2024 the number is expected to be higher.

Initial support from the resettlement agency typically lasts from 90 to 180 days upon their arrival in the U.S. securing living arrangements, social security cards, medical screenings, finding their first job and school placement for children.

During this time B5 steps in as an educational partner and continues to help bridge their pathway to a new life.

Mark Klicker

“I fully support B5. It’s an organization dedicated to ensuring that the children, teens, and adult refugees within our community have access to high-quality programs and life-changing services in a facility that’s safe, efficient and affirms that dignity and respect that each of us deserve.”

Mark Klicker, Washington State Representative.

We’ve Outgrown
Our Current Space

  • The current apartment room sizes and layout are inefficient and insufficient to meet our program needs.

  • We are unable to serve the current arrivals without increased space.

  • The current site does not affirm the dignity and respect of our families.

  • Our new project site provides a long-term solution to the issues.

Chris Guerrero

Chris Guerrero (pictured on left) Kennewick, Police Chief

“I’m excited for the continued partnership between the Kennewick Police Department and B5. Working together, when we invest in the education of people new to our community and foster relationships, we create an environment where we all grow and thrive.”

Be Part of Our Vision To Build A New Learning Center

Community Learning Center Rendering

We’re Building In The Area Where This Community Lives

  • Large classroom spaces and reconfigurable spaces for after-school education programs.

  • Onsite childcare for daytime and evening English language classes.

  • Functional Nutrition Center (Kitchen) for cooking classes and food-sharing events.

  • Large gathering space for events and sharing.

  • Close proximity to the Kennewick Boys and Girls Club, facilitating collaboration and convenience.

  • Computer lab and study room.

  • Suitable furniture and classroom teaching equipment.

  • Storage space for educational materials and equipment.

  • Office space for staff.


Direct Construction Costs – $1,300,000
For a 4200 sq.ft. new build

Indirect Building Costs – $ 300,000
Includes fees and permits, tax, landscaping, furnishings and contingency

Indirect Campaign Costs – $ 250,000
Includes construction financing and campaign costs

Operating Reserve – $ 250,000

Campaign Total – $2,100,000

Theresa Roosendaal

“When we began this work more than 13 years ago, we saw the need for a place where these newcomers, who were rebuilding their lives in a new place, could go for help and find friends. Today we continue that work and are joined by some of the children of families we first welcomed, serving across ethnic, cultural, language, and religious barriers. We want to help the Tri-Cities be a welcoming community, where strangers become friends and we all thrive.”

Theresa Roosendaal, Executive Director, B5

A Call for Leadership: Invest In Our Community’s Future

Be the community that supports refugees as they build a new life filled with hope and opportunity. The key to their empowerment is education and a supportive community. Invest now, in our – your – community’s future.