It’s Christmas. Winter break. The schools are all quiet; everyone’s glad to have a little break, and so are we.  We want to say a big thank you to our staff, volunteers, donors, and churches who all join with us to make the Family Learning Center a welcoming place. While we’re glad for the break, we look forward to more good things in 2019.

One of my favorite Christmas songs this year is a song that takes an old favorite “Away in the Manger” and gives it new life.  It’s called “Away from the Manger” and you can listen to it here:; the words are below . The song reminds me of the many people in our world who are still seeking a safe place to rebuild their lives. Thank you for your partnership with us as we work to support our friends in their journeys to thriving in our community. May you be blessed this Christmas season.

Away from the manger they ran for their lives
The tiny boy Jesus, a son they must hide
A dream came to Joseph, they fled in the night
And they ran and they ran and they ran

No stars in the sky but the Spirit of Light
Led down into Egypt from Herod to hide
No place for his parents no country or tribe
And they ran and they ran and they ran

Stay near me LORD Jesus when danger is nigh
And keep us from Herods and all of their lies
I love the LORD Jesus, the Refugee King
And we sing and we sing and we sing

Reprised from “Away in A Manger” by : LIZ VICE, WEN REAGAN, BRUCE BENEDICT, GREG SCHEER, LESTER RUTH © 2018