Many of the young women we work with are interested in becoming nurses, so we are grateful to Nalina DeLaMora from Three Rivers Place, an assisted living facility in our neighborhood, for giving us a tour of the facility and explaining to us the roles of home care aide and certified nursing assistant. 

For the high school students, a visit to an assisted living home was a new experience. They liked the homelike atmosphere and the opportunity to talk with residents. They learned some things about becoming nurses as well. Nasteha shared she learned that working at a senior housing place as a CNA might help her get into nursing school. La Hsee Wah Paw found it interesting that the nurses had keys for the patients’ medicine to help make sure that they don’t get the wrong medicine.

Opportunities to visit places like Three Rivers Place are very helpful for high school students who are trying to make decisions about what they will do when they finish high school. We’re always looking for more real work places to visit. Maybe you have a place you’d like to help our students visit. We’d love to hear from you.