Tho Mu Paw, the new after-school coordinator for the 21st Century Learning Community at B5, has been part of the Family Learning Center since before the beginning. Her family arrived in the US in 2008 when she was 8 years old. The family of Bay Lay and Ku Gay (her parents) first lived in the Central Park Apartments, across the parking lot from where the FLC’s location at B5 is now.

Tho Mu Paw has attended the same schools, Westgate Elementary, Park Middle School, and Kennewick High School, that most of our current students attend. She has many memories of how the FLC helped her and offered opportunities for new experiences. Now, through ESD123’s program at B5, she helps a new group of students.

Tho Mu Paw says that the work she did for former coordinator, Marissa Panayiotides, as a TEA (small group teacher) is helpful in her new job.

We have watched Tho Mu Paw grow up, become a US citizen, graduate from Kennewick High School and then WSU Tri-Cities. It is gratifying to see her step into this new position at the Family Learning Center.

Congratulations and welcome (back) Tho Mu Paw.

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WSU graduation

Tho Mu Paw with students, after school

Tho Mu Paw, Age 8