Students in our morning English classes are attending classes held at the new Boys and Girls Clubhouse, just a few blocks from the Family Learning Center’s original location. It’s wonderful to have space for more students and for childcare as well!

Four mornings a week, the Family Learning Center offers classes in English for adult learners. Students come from many countries and cultures, such as Burma, Somalia, Iraq, Kurdistan, Mexico, and the Congo. They have a variety of reasons for coming to class, but there are some reasons we hear often. For instance, Theresa Wah uses what she has learned in English classes to talk with her childrens’ teachers, communicate with her neighbors, and write notes to school. Nazhan needs to be able to communicate better when he goes to the doctor, and uses English when he goes shopping. Bulhainah mentioned being able to drive more safely, because she can read signs. Other students, like Seval, want to pursue education or better jobs.

Classes are taught by wonderful volunteers, who use curriculum designed to be taught by volunteers who are not teachers. If you are able to donate an hour or two in the morning each week, you should talk to us about joining this great group.

We’re grateful to the Boys and Girls Club for the use of two spacious classrooms, as well as space in a common area for childcare. We are reaching more students from more culture groups than ever before. And we are seeing better attendance. Plus, our volunteers appreciate the space and find teaching easier without children in class with their parents.

English classes for adults help refugees and other newcomers to learn English, to be better community members, parents, and employees. But we also feel blessed to have this way to offer hospitality and facilitate friendships between students and teachers. Please consider joining us, as a volunteer or as a financial supporter.