Last week students finished the summer quarter of English Language Acquisition class for adults.  Our staff is smiling because they are so pleased with the end of term exams. Of the 20 students who were tested, 10 were promoted to the next level. This is a significant accomplishment for our students and staff. Over the summer months, 75 people have attended classes, though not all have attended long enough to be tested.

What did students do in their classes this summer? Krista had her students practice present and past tense by asking them to write about a family member who is no longer living and one who is. Yulia wrote a long story about two special men in her life, her grandfather and her son.

On a field trip to Grocery Outlet, students practiced finding information on labels, asked grocery clerks for help, and even made lists of ingredients and prices for dinner.

As our fall classes begin, we welcome more new students and the return of our volunteers. Our students will have more opportunity to learn and practice new skills. In this picture Josephine, who speaks English well already, is practicing her typing skills, and learning to use the computer for the first time.

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Josephine at the computer

Staff pictured (from left to right): Marissa Panayiotides, Lois Douglass, Elizabeth Navarro, Krista Williams.

Yulia with her essays

At Grocery Outlet