Adult Literacy students took a field trip to Fire Station One. It was a great opportunity for them to connect to community helpers. Students had important questions such as:

  • How much does the service cost and do you take cash?  
  • If you think there’s an emergency and the fire department responds will anyone get in trouble if it turns out to be a false alarm?

This trip ensured that students know that our emergency responders are safe, trustworthy, and free of charge.

We want to thank the staff of Kennewick Fire Station One for sharing valuable safety information with our students- did you know that a closed door can give you an additional 15 minutes of breathable air in a fire? Always sleep with your door closed! Fire Chief Carter reminded students that Washington state law requires landlords to provide a working fire alarm and replacement batteries if needed.

A demonstration on how to put out a cooking fire with an extinguisher captivated the students. They also enjoyed a demonstration of how quickly firefighters were able to put all of their gear on – it took just 50 seconds.

Story and pictures by Danielle Massie