The new year is a great time to introduce you to our new name and logo, a new vibrant look to communicate the energy and excitement we feel in helping our new arrival friends thrive in their new home.

But what’s with the new name? More than 10 years ago, we moved into apartment B5 in the Central park apartments. Since that time, B5 has become lovingly known in the community as a safe place to find help and friends.  Where can I make a copy of documents for my Habitat application? B5. Who can help me understand this paper from my child’s teacher? B5. Who will help my children with their homework? B5. Where can I go for English class? B5…If you ask the people in our community where the Family Learning Center is, you might get a confused look. But if you ask where B5 is, they’ll help you find your way to our door.

Over time FLC has become known within the community by its apartment number, B5. Because B5 is an integral part of our beginning and so well-loved, we have embraced B5 as our organization’s name.

Bridges to new beginnings